My Story

Dear Mabel and Paolo,

It was so nice to meet you over video call this morning!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me your plans for your special day. I love how you'd like your super 8 video to feel genuine and unposed. Adding ambient sounds like the birds chirping and a child's laughter so you can forever remember how your day felt, that's a dream project to me!

With that, here are my options for you in terms of Super 8 wedding coverage:


I. The Ode


6 hours
From getting-ready to the first dance

Total footage: 5-6 rolls
3 final films
Negative reel mailed to you for safekeeping

II. The Ballad


7 hours
From getting-ready to dance party

Total footage: 6-7 rolls
3 final films
Negative reel mailed to you for safekeeping

III. The Epic


8 hours
From getting-ready to end of the party

Total footage: 7-8 rolls
3 final films
Negative reel mailed to you for safekeeping

Travel Costs

2-night stay near High Falls, NY:

  • Hotels: $500 (average)
  • Airbnb: $400 - $600 (average)

Round trip Washington - Poughkeepsie:

  • Amtrak: $250 (average)
  • Car: $100 (two tanks of gas)

If you guys can share the room blocks with me, and you feel like that is within the costs above, I'd be so happy to stay there. I found a couple of inns and Airbnbs very close to the farm as well that could be good options.

nostalgia bottled up

nostalgia bottled up

Super 8 Film

Honoring the essence of the Super 8 format (50ft at 18 fps = 3 minutes of footage), we craft short films telling the story of your day. While Super 8 cameras don’t capture sound, fear not! Your film will groove to music that encapsulates the day's emotions. We’re experimenting with adding ambient sounds as well.

Dedicated Documentation

Elis will focus on capturing your full wedding day with professional Super 8 cameras.

Once the film is developed and scanned, we'll craft three films for you:

• The Short: a 3-5 minute long carefully edited and color-corrected movie set to music and ambient sounds.

• The Chronicle: the complete chronicle of your day, however long that film is. For an 8-hour wedding, expect a 9-12 minute cinematic journey. You'll also receive the physical reel with the film to keep for posterity.

• The Highlight Reel: to tie it all with a pretty bow, we'll prepare a 1-minute long social-media-friendly vertical film for you to share with friends and family on your socials.








Lingering Questions

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! We can divide and schedule your payments up to the session or event date. If you are booking a last-minute session or event, that’s okay too. I can still set up a payment plan for you (up to 3 payments plus a non-refundable booking fee). Just be aware that photos are only delivered once all payments have cleared.

Do you document LGBTQIA+ weddings?

Goodness, YES! Absolutely! I'll document anyone's love story regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, or age. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who professes inclinations to white supremacy, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ+, and those who hold other regressive moral values.

How much do you charge for travel?

You can rest assured the travel fees are reasonable and I will not make you fly me first-class... unless you feel inclined to! I won't say no to that!
I will book everything myself to save you the stress (you don't want to deal with my documentation) and for my own safety and comfort.

Can you break down the costs of shooting Super 8?

Absolutely! A few years ago, if you ran into a Super 8 camera on eBay or at your local thrift shop, you could buy them for less than $100. Nowadays, a quick search will leave you agast. The Nikon R10 is being sold for $600 or more.
Film rolls cost an average of $45 each. Professional processing costs $115 for each roll.
At an 8-hour wedding, my film cost alone averages $1200.

Can I get the the negative reel?

Absolutely! Once the lab sends the raw footage back to me, I'll mail you the reel. Just note that the reel footage won't be edited chronologically as I don't have the technology to cut and reassemble the negatives. The raw footage is also not color-corrected.

Is there a sales tax?

Yes, if you live in Maryland where my business is based. If you are out of state, it's up to you to report your sales tax according to your state's laws.

Where do you send our footage to be developed?

The amazing people at Pro8mm in Burbank, CA. They are the best of the best when it comes to Super 8 processing.

Do you travel for shoots and events?

Yep! I love being on the road and discovering new places. I'm also passport-ready to photograph in the European Union and Brazil.

What equipment do you use?

Nikon R8, Nikon R10, Canon AutoZoom 518 and Canon 514XL.
All Super 8 equipment available on the market was most likely fabricated in the 1970s. However, when I add a new camera to my bag, I make sure to test and retest them before bringing them to a wedding. I shoot with the Nikons throughout the event while the Canon cameras are my backup, just in case something happens.

How long until I receive my films?

About 4-6 weeks depending on how busy the season is. It takes about 1 week for the film to arrive at the lab, then 1 week (which varies depending on how busy the lab is) for the footage to be sent to me. I need 2-3 weeks to edit after that,

Can I share the film online?

A thousand times, yes! The music I pick for your film will have a royalty-free license so you can post it anywhere with no issues.

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