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I have two old loves: cinema and poetry. They lived side by side with photography, as dreams of an adulthood immersed in the creative arts. While photography took center stage, poetry and cinema lived in my enthusiasm drawer. 

But these disciplines are intertwined. My approach to photography has always been connected to  storytelling and documentation. The library of films in my mind directly influences the way I compose my images. 

A couple of years ago, the universe gave me a new way to tell stories: Super 8 filmmaking. My brother-in-law got hold of an old Canon camera and quite literally dropped it on my lap to try it out. It's been a beautiful ride since then. The magic of documenting real stories in a medium that is, essentially, on the brink of extinction (please, Kodak, hang in there!) took a hold of me and of my creativity.

As a photographer with nearly 14 years of professional experience documenting love, Super 8 added a magical, poetic, dreamlike essence to my work. It gave me butterflies! I saw my photographic timing, which I've honed over all these years, translate perfectly to moving pictures captured on 8mm film. 

I read somewhere that celluloid is a dreamcatcher, and I couldn't agree more. That's what I hope to catch on film for you: your dreams, your memories, the way that I observed them happen to you. Years from now, when you rewatch them, I hope those echos of your special day, of your love, of you family are the visual poetry of how you remember them. 



Here, I am the observer. Think of me as the artsy guest with the novelty camera or the documentary filmmaker extracting the poetry of the moment. I'll be with you throughout the day to tell the full story: what was the weather like while you getting ready? Were there flowers in the garden as your guests arrived? Were the birds flying overhead while you spoke your vows?



You want to create a memory of a special time in your lives through a poetic lens. These can be fully structured or flow to the beat of the day. Either way, I'll script and storyboard the story you want to tell. You'll get to see how my laughable stick figures turn into a film you'll get to cherish for always.



Wanna start writing your story?

I'd love to tell you all the details of how poetic filmmaking happens and how I can create these visual memories for you.

Lingering Questions


Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! We can divide and schedule your payments up to the session or event date. If you are booking a last-minute session or event, that’s okay too. I can still set up a payment plan for you (up to 3 payments plus a non-refundable booking fee). Just be aware the final products are only delivered once all payments have cleared.

What equipment do you use?

Nikon R8, Canon 1014 XL-S, Canon AutoZoom 518 and Canon 514XL.
All Super 8 equipment available on the market was most likely fabricated in the 1970s. However, when I add a new camera to my bag, I make sure to test and retest them before bringing them to a wedding. I shoot with the R8 and 1014 throughout the event while the Canon cameras are my backup, just in case something happens.

Do you travel for shoots and events?

Yep! I love being on the road and discovering new places. I'm also passport-ready to photograph in the European Union and Brazil.

Is there a travel fee?

There is a travel cost, but you can rest assured I keep them reasonable. I won't make you fly me first-class... unless you feel inclined to!
I will work the logistics and book everything myself to save you the stress (you don't want to deal with my documentation) and for my own safety and comfort.

Do you document LGBTQIA+ weddings?

Goodness, YES! Absolutely! I'll document anyone's love story regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, or age. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who professes inclinations to white supremacy, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ+, and those who hold other regressive moral values.