You might recognize this boy’s mama from her maternity shoot with me almost 2 years ago. There’s nothing better than photographing an expecting mama and then getting to meet and photograph the little one she brought into this world.

I had so much fun hanging out and photographing at this family’s beautiful Maryland home. Its minimalistic style with lots of whites and grays and neutral colors was the perfect setting to capture Megan’s 1 year old baby boy.

Oh! That reminds me to tell you that I’m now offering Baby Bundles for families who want to make sure they capture every step of their babies’ growth. The bundles are completely customizable to your needs. You can have anywhere between 2 shoots throughout the year to 13 shoots. You can start when you are still expecting with a gorgeous maternity session and get a shoot every month, or every few months, through your child’s first birthday. Or you can start later! It doesn’t matter! So long as you get all those moments registered. Then at the end of all of our shoots together, you get a beautiful linen cover album!

“Do I have to live in Maryland to sign up for that?”

Oh no! I live in Maryland, but I’ll go anywhere! There’s no travel fee for the greater DC metro area.

So if this is something you’ve been dreaming of doing… finally getting those moments captured, no excuse, then just send me a hello!l your clients more about your story and to describe the type of photographer you are. You can come back at any time to make more changes.