Thank you for booking a session with me! I'm so excited to start planning!

This questionnaire is an opportunity to share any requests you might have for the shoot and tell me a bit more about yourself. We might have covered some of these details already, however, I'll review and study these answers before our session, so this is the best place to have everything written down.

If we haven't discussed this yet, please let me know the dates you prefer.

Light quality tends to be better at sunrise and sunset for outdoor shoots. The specific time of the session will be determined by me and confirmed by the client. I'll take into account sunrise and sunset times for the chosen date and location.

Any special place where you would like to have your session? The park where you go for picnics, the hike you take every weekend, the beach of your childhood summers, your favorite museum...

I'm observant, kind of quirky, and young at heart.

There are no wrong answers! Yes, TV shows also count. Have you seen The Queen's Gambit? Gah!

Again, no wrong answers here. What do you want to jam to?

e.g. "Please, only photograph my left side."