• Complimentary engagement session

• Timeline assistance video call

• Creative planning consultation

• Color + B&W images

• 8 week turnaround

• Online gallery available for one year



2 photographers



2 photographers



2 photographers




1 photographer

2 hours - $2050
4 hours - $3550
6 hours - $4850

nostalgia bottled up

nostalgia bottled up

Super 8 Film

Honoring the essence of the Super 8 format (50ft at 18 fps = 3 minutes of footage), we craft short films telling the story of your day. While Super 8 cameras don’t capture sound, fear not! Your film will groove to music that encapsulates the day's emotions. We’re experimenting with adding ambient sounds as well.

Non-Dedicated Documentation - $985

Elis and her team will capture your day on Super 8 alongside photographing your wedding. The final film will be an amalgam of moving vignettes that add to the story told in still images.

Dedicated Documentation - $3500

A dedicated videographer will focus on capturing your full wedding day with professional Super 8 cameras.

Once the film is developed and scanned, we'll craft three films for you:

• The Short: a 3-5 minute long carefully edited and color-corrected movie set to music and ambient sounds.

• The Chronicle: the complete chronicle of your day, however long that film is. For an 8-hour wedding, expect a 9-12 minute cinematic journey. You'll also receive the physical reel with the film to keep for posterity.

• The Highlight Reel: to tie it all with a pretty bow, we'll prepare a 1-minute long social-media-friendly vertical film for you to share with friends and family on your socials.



Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! We can divide and schedule your payments up to the session or event date. If you are booking a last-minute session or event, that’s okay too. I can still set up a payment plan for you (up to 3 payments plus a non-refundable booking fee). Just be aware that photos are only delivered once all payments have cleared.

Do you photograph digital or film?

Both! I was formally trained in film photography. I graduated in 2010 and by then digital was all the rage. For 11 years most of my sessions and events have been done in digital format with some film sprinkled here and there. Since 2020, I've gradually reintroduced film to my process and the plan is to go back to photographing all film because nothing beats the color, feel, and magic of it.

Do you photograph LGBTQIA+ weddings?

Goodness, YES! Absolutely! I'll photograph anyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, or age. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who professes inclinations to white supremacy, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ+, and those who hold other regressive moral values.

Do you travel for shoots and events?

Yep! I love being on the road and discovering new places. I'm also passport ready to photograph in the European Union and Brazil. In fact, I have some special discounts for certain dream locations of mine. You can check out the list on the LOCATION SPECIALS link above.

How much do you charge for travel?

You can rest assured the travel fees are reasonable and I will not make you fly me first-class... unless you feel inclined to! I won't say no to that!
I will book everything myself to save you the stress (you don't want to deal with my passport info) and for my own safety and comfort.
But here's the breakdown: 50-150 miles beyond my home base (North Bethesda): full tank of gas (averaging 50USD)
Beyond 150 miles: gas/train/plane/rental car and 1-2 nights in hotel.
We'll discuss costs during our consultation, but we can either agree on a pre-paid flat fee or I can invoice you after booking everything (itemized bill provided, of course!).

What's the difference between an elopement and a small wedding?

Each photographer has their own way to define what constitutes an elopement and a wedding. In my books, an elopement means a couple, an officiant, and up to 12 guests/witnesses. Anything beyond that is a small wedding.

What equipment do you use?

I've been photographing with Canon equipment for 12 years now. My main camera is the R5. I use prime lenses (35mm, 50mm, and 85mm). If your wedding goes into the evening or you have an indoor ceremony and/or reception, my ProFoto flash will make an appearance.
I also photograph film, mostly Kodak Portra 400 stock, but the truth is film is hard to find and sometimes you gotta take what you can get. I use a variety of film cameras: Canon 1V, Nikon F3HP, Pentax Asahi, and Polaroids!

How many images will I get?

I deliver anywhere from 60-75 images per hour of coverage.

How long until I receive my photos?

Processing time is 30 business days for a fully edited gallery. I know it sounds like a lot, but I'm a one-woman show over here and I take editing very seriously, so it takes a bit. However, whenever possible, I'll send a preview with 5-10 images within a few days of your session or wedding. Here's the secret sauce for me though... Once you book your wedding, we'll decide on a specific date when we'll meet (either in person or over video conference) and you'll receive the full gallery and participate in the design of your album.

Can I get the RAW files and negatives?

Nope! That's a hard no. Even if you are a photographer. There's nothing you can do with the RAW files that wouldn't infringe on my copyrights, so no.

Do you offer albums?

The album is truly the end-product for me. It would be my greatest joy to get to print one for you. If you buy it at the same time you book your wedding, I have discounted prices.
I promise you though you won't regret getting your hands on this heirloom. And I speak from experience, all those digital photos get mostly forgotten over time.

I'd like to print the photos myself. Is that ok?

Absolutely! Your contract includes a personal print release and you receive high-resolution images that are perfect for printing. I just can't guarantee color accuracy and quality if you don't order your prints and albums through me.

Can I share the images online?

A thousand times yes! There are only two rules: 1. Remember to credit/tag the image with @elisllinares, and 2. Do not re-edit or add filters to the images.

Is there a sales tax?

Yes, the sales tax for digital goods and services in Maryland is 6%. If you are out of state, it's up to you to report your sales tax according to your state's laws.

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