(aka Elisenda)

I'm so glad you stopped by to get to know me a bit more. You can call me Elis (like Elise) or Elisenda (eh-lEEz-ehn-dah), whichever one rolls off your tongue easier. I'm the one behind the lens here.

I’ve been a portrait and lifestyle photographer for almost a decade now, but let me take you back a bit and tell you my story:

It all started when I realized at a young age that in a family of innate artists, the drawing artist kind, I was the only one unable to transfer image to paper with a pencil. I needed a camera for that. It would have been really cute if I had become a photographer right then and there as a pre-adolescent. Alas, that only really came to pass when I was already in my mid-twenties.

In 2008, I packed my bags and moved to Maryland, where I started a Photography program at a local college. That’s when I finally felt I was becoming myself. It’s a long process this one of figuring out who you are as an artist. But it’s a journey I don’t intend to step away from.

I invite you to participate in it. Come along as I figure this all out and create some magic with the camera. Maybe we’ll discover something new and exciting about both of us on the way.

What Makes Me And My Work


“My list of inspirational clichés: dancing shadows, hazy sunsets, curtains in the breeze, walking barefoot on moss, rolling fog, terraced gardens, the smell of books and the smell of rain, maps, old photographs, linen, lace and silk organza, belly laughter, crescendos in piano music, dogs, the ocean, anything UK from Cornwall to Belfast via Edinburgh, but also the slow provençal life. How come I don't live in a cottage in a fairy forest yet?”

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Photos on this page by Christina Zachariadou